LinkedIn Pro Finder and the Brutal Truth

Many people think that they want to hire a ghostwriter. They have a partially formed idea about something and figure, if I could just pay someone to write it, I could be famous.

It’s a ridiculous thought. Unless you’re famous, the brutal truth is that no one is interested in your book and unless you are independently wealthy, no reputable ghost writer will want any part of the project. This is because writers are first and foremost professional rejection artists.

Nobody knows how hard it is to get a book published, especially by a major publishing house, than a professional writer, especially one who ghost writes books to help pay the bills. The process is long and painful. Agents are loathe to take on clients without a built in platform and publishers are even less willing to take that chance.

Fortunately for the star struck, there’s LinkedIn Pro Finder, a reality free zone where anyone can dream of becoming a famous author who cheaply outsourced the silly keyboard stuff. I’ve hung a theoretic shingle up on Pro Finder for a couple years and have yet to come across a project that wasn’t completely unrealistic from word go.

Which inspired me today to respond, not with an actual proposal or a sarcastic fake proposal, but some hard truth. Below, you’ll see an all too typical Pro Finder ghost writing project request and my brutally honest free advice.

The project:

Based on some extraordinary personal experiences in my life I sought out to find a scientific explanation for how consciousness functions within the space-time continuum. After publishing research papers and obtaining my Master of Arts degree in Psychology I realized that there was no single field of study that could help me find an explanation for my experiences. I continued researching while working and helping others in the Human Services field. After 20 years of searching and self-reflection I had discovered a philosophy that provides a possible scientific explanation for my extraordinary experiences. A written draft of my book was hacked and placed on the internet from which I had many interested readers come and ask me questions about my philosophy at my work site. I felt personally responsible for completing a written philosophy guidebook, and after much revision and editing I wrote this simple 30,000 word guidebook. My book titled Orientation into Consciousness: Guidelines for Truth Chasers is a non-fiction Health Science Philosophy guidebook that provides theoretical guidelines for obtaining and maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual health

My “Proposal”

Non fiction books are never written prior to publisher’s sale. Prospective authors write book proposals to entice agents. If one is interested, that agent will then work with you to hone the proposal, which is then shopped to publishers. Only then, after having a book deal in hand, should anyone but the independently wealthy approach a ghost writer. Otherwise you’re just throwing your money down a well. I would charge $5000 for the proposal alone, then would ask for $40,000 minimum to write the book. Given the genre of the book and your lack of personal fame, you’d never come close to getting an advance at that price point, even if you wrote the next ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE. If anyone bought your book for a $1000 advance, it would be cause for celebration.

If you really feel strongly that this book needs to be written and will somehow find an audience, consider your hacking experience kismet and plan on going the self publishing route. No professional ghostwriter will touch your project unless you’re willing to lose a lot of money to bring it to fruition, but it sounds to me like you have a completed work in hand, so head to the Kindle Marketplace and fire away. Best of luck with it.

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